CELTIC have exactly three months to slap in appeal against Glasgow City Council’s decision NOT to allow the club to erect a large rotating TV screen on the Celtic Way.

Here is a bit more information on what Celtic were planning before GCC put a stop to it.

The highlighted area of the Celtic way is where they wanted to put the large screen, at the end of the four leaf clover. It would be a natural place and keep people from congregating on the Celtic Way blocking others who want to approach the stadium.

The screen itself would have been7.6-metre by 3.8-metre revolving LED display and would be used to show a variety of things including, but not limited to news, ads and highlights etc.

So is it worth Celtic’s while to try and salvage the plan by asking GCC to rethink their decision?


The reasons given for the knockback are very arguable, and Celtic have several examples they can point to.

The reason it could be a distraction for drivers heading up and down London Road is absolutely bogus. You only have to point to the advertising board a bit further down the road next to the police station to blow that argument out of the water.

The claim also says the screen would be a ‘dominant and incongruous feature, to the detriment of visual amenity”. It’s hard to hold that argument with a straight face when it would clearly add to the ‘visual amenity’ and improve the matchday experience.

Should it be Celtic’s hill to die on? Of course not, but should they fight the erroneous reasons for its dismissal? Yes!


  1. If the council considered this distracting, then why is there a huge screen sitting by the side of the clydeside expressway?

  2. And at Balmore road there is a similar large panel of screens.

    Although its not revolving. But the image’s on it (Like the one on the expressway) do revolve. But that’s the advertising world for you. They pay much coin so they will get viewed.

    Otherwise why are they there. And both of them are on busy arterial roads. And closer to the vehicular traffic.

    So go fish.

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