FORMER CELTIC MAN Andy Walker believes Celtic hold a key advantage as the team head into their title defence campaign.

Winning the League last season meant that Celtic don’t have to play any qualifiers this summer, giving the players some extra time to rest.

Walker states that this could be a key advantage for Postecoglou’s side, with title rivals The Rangers having to play through European Qualifiers.

The former Celtic striker told Sky Sports live;

“I know that’s going to be really difficult but I think the big bonus for Celtic is that they don’t have to come through those qualifiers.

“The players might get a bit of extra rest and that’s important for all the challenges ahead.”

A Scottish team rarely get into the Champions League group stage without having to play any qualifiers, despite being labelled the ‘Champions’ League. Postecoglou will be keen for his side to show why they deserve to be there, earning some momentous results at the highest stage in Europe.

However, the Celtic manager can’t put all his eggs in one basket. The League is massive this year, and The Rangers will be looking to fight back after losing it embarrassingly last year.

The Hoops have a cracking run of home games to start their season, with Aberdeen, Hearts and The Rangers all visiting Paradise as Celtic looks to claim all nine points that are up for grabs.


  1. I wouldn’t call it an advantage; the European qualifiers can help solidify a team earlier in a season.

    Its a bonus that Celtic go straight into the group stage of the Champions League, but tbf this should be the norm for the Champions of a country, instead of having to play second fiddle to runners up from certain other leagues simply because they have a bigger advertising revenue pull!

    UEFA should change the name of the competition to something more apt, like the Commercials On Networks League, or Consumers League…Con League for short, though i suppose you could arrive at Con from ChampiONs League!


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