CELTIC should have found out on Thursday what their latest punishment from UEFA would be but so far there’s been no word from the club or UEFA about a decision which was clearly stated on the UEFA website for Nov 21.

The charge relates illicit banners and chanting at the Celtic vs Lazio tie at Parkhead last month.

Celtic fans took a very anti-fascist stance towards the Lazio fanbase who have some supporters who are comfortable making Nazi salutes.

The governing body usually announces the punishment on the day the hearing is held.

There could’ve been a delay in the hearing for a number of reasons but right now we’re unsure of the status.

Celtic take on Rennes on Thursday at Celtic Park where the bhoys could solidify their top spot in the group having already qualified.

UEFA are usually prompt with their decisions and we’re likely to find out before that tie, what the ramifications are. When the punishment does come through, we hope Celtic let us know what banners and chanting Celtic were charged with as UEFA doesn’t specify.


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