What a night it was in the Champions League!

Wednesday’s drama at the Etihad was quite something. It had everything and the added dimension of VAR which on the night played its part in the theatre. The agony and ecstasy in equal measure tasted by both fans on the night with Spurs having the last laugh.

As the dust settles this morning on the two semi-finals in Europe’s top competition, we couldn’t help but notice there are tow former Celtic stars currently occupying the semi-final fixtures.

Victor Wanyama and Virgil van Dijk.

Two players who had short but impactful careers at Celtic Park and a duo most Celtic fans could have told you would be going places in their career.

Until this summer when Dembele was sold to Lyon, it was Virgil who held Celtic’s largest ever transfer fee received and Wanyama when he left went for too little at just over £10million.

However, both have carved careers out for themselves via Southampton and both could meet in the final against one another if the cards fall in their favour.

It’s incredible to think we had both these players at Celtic in the last ten years. If only they were at the club at the same time!


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