If you’re a football fan who enjoys social media, you’ve no doubt watched one of Paddy Powers ‘fan denial’ videos over the years. Sometimes your team can be the butt of the joke, however, they’re usually entertaining.

This week, they’ve focused in on Steven Gerrard leaving for Aston Villa and the meltdown from across the city.

The video shows fans online saying he won’t leave to images of Gerrard being smashed and memorabilia put in the bin.

We have to admit, Twitter was fun on Thursday, we couldn’t help but notice the number of Ibrox fans with cardboard cut outs of a grown man. We pointed it out on our social media feed and it went viral.

It went so viral in fact we made an appearance on the fan denial video to go along with the absolute numpty who punched his cut out and told it to get up.

It’s been an entertaining week to say the least.

Celtic have to be cognisant they can exert real pressure on their rivals after the upheaval.

While they do that, we’ll be over here commissioning Ange Postecoglou life size cut outs!

You can watch the video here.



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