Champions League Beats English Relegation Battle

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FORMER Celtic striker Chris Sutton has weighed into the ever increasing speculation on Stuart Armstrong’s future at Celtic.

While Celtic has been looking to tie up the player for some time now, it was revealed by Brendan Rodgers that the midfielder’s representatives have been less than forthcoming to help iron out a deal.

Chris knows all about playing in England and Scotland – he’s confident that Stuart could make it down south but concerned where he would manage to do so.

“I’ve got no doubt he could crack it in England but it’s a case of where.

“It’s not much use getting swallowed up in a relegation battle in the Premier League when he could be improving in the Champions League.

“There’s no doubt there is an awful lot of money to be made in England and it must be very tempting.”

The last quote there may be the catalyst behind Armstrong’s agents taking a liberty with Celtic negotiations. The money they could get for their client down south, as well as line their own pockets will be considerable and dwarf anything Celtic are willing to offer.

It seems to be a waiting game now. But as the transfer clock ticks down, the urge to sell the player for cash while the club still can will increase.



  1. if he wants to go to England and have one season then disappear from the international scene then let him go, we will find another player and teach him how to play the ‘celtic’ way


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