KIERAN TIERNEY has come out swinging when he was asked about Andy Robertson playing in a Champions League semi final.

With the media desperate to get any snippet of a quote from the young Celtic star that he’s even thought about leaving at any point – they were sadly disappointed again.

Asked by the Sky Sports reporter in attendance at the PFA nominations photo shoot the player was asked if he was envious about seeing Andy part of a special night at Anfield in the semi final of the Champions League – Tierney’s reply was almost poetic.

“It was a great performance from him and he’s been great this season, he deserves to be there, but for me when I was younger, it was Celtic.

“If you want to play in the Champions League you play in it with Celtic and that’s just the way it has been for me.”

“All I really think about is Celtic.”

Boom! This bhoy knows the score!


  1. Young Kieran is one in a million, with his feet firmly on the ground.
    His parents have done a wonderful job bringing him up and Celtic have provided a wonderful and stable environment for his development as a human being as well as a football player. He has his head screwed on and is not fazed by such particularly stupid questions from people who should know better.


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