What a season Celtic have had, a real resurgence by a team that looked tired and out of ideas at the start of the season. In the this spotlight series we will look at some of the main players in what would turn out to be a succesful campaign where Celtic would secure the double and get oh so close to a famous treble.

Our captain Scott Brown gets our focus today. Often overlooked and taken for granted the drive and determination of our midfield dynamo is just another reason why Celtic have made progress this season. When he was out at the start of the season when Ronny first arrived, Celtic’s performances were disjointed and lacked bite.

With no Scott Brown driving the team, breaking up play and snapping at the heels of opponents we looked lost. It was only when he was back to full fitness that Celtic and Ronny started to turn a corner. His influence cannot be underestimated in this season’s turnaround.

Celts Are Here

His presence alone in the dressing room and on the pitch lifts the players and makes them play more to their potential. Like any good captain, Scott isn’t shy at telling players in no uncertain terms to buck up their ideas. He pushes his teammates to always improve and he has become a nuisance to any opponent he has come up against.

The captain has always had his critics but since moving to the club the player has improved every season and has been a loyal servant to the club.

He’s had 4 different managers while at Celtic and it’s no surprise they all held him in high regard.

With no sign of the player looking to move on he can drive the team from the midfield for quite a few years yet. He has bought into Celtic and we have bought into our captain.

Hail Hail Scott Brown.



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