CELTIC backroom staff apparently had ringside seats for the Ibrox clubs implosion after the final whistle at Hampden on Sunday.

According to the Daily Record, things got heated between some of the hapless Gers players at the end of the game and they couldn’t even wait until getting into their dressing room before fists were flying.

The Records eyewitness reported: “Emotions were running high. Morelos and Docherty went for each other and it was just as well there were enough people around to split them up before things got completely out of hand.

“To make matters even more embarrassing some of Celtic’s backroom team were present at the time and they saw what went on.”

Celtic ran riot at Hampden, utterly embarrassing their Glasgow counterparts who ironically didn’t put up any sort of fight out on the pitch.

With their 4-0 humiliation complete, they turned on each other. Dignity.



  1. Listening to Murty after his humiliation, he has not got the grace to say how well Celtic played, but moaning about everything else,. Yes his team got ” humped”, but the guy like his club, from the very gutter they were brought in has no class. They will keep shouting in the papers, but they just can not manage to carry out those threats on the park!. That now could be a very big nail in their coffin, as the season tickets will be thrown away like confetti.! Watch that space, or even spaces in their stands!!! He.H.

  2. Wondering how many heroes will be in paradise for the next skelping
    They won’t be cheering or wanting to see us for a while, if ever.
    We’re in there heads and it hurts
    These muppets were due a pumping
    Huns should wait to the 30th of April for a season ticket probably going less than half price by then

  3. Their supporters deserve everything that is coming to them and this is going to last a while. they are the stupidest people on the planet and have no idea about Rangers never mind the actual position of Sevco. There is huge support amongst their support to appoint ‘Rangers legend’ and ‘a guy who knows what it is to play for Rangers’ and someone who ‘gets the club’ and that man is Frank De Boer. Apparently, Frank will galdly accept the job for bawbees and work with a limited budget as he ‘loves Rangers’. Frank de Boer played for Rangers 15 times for a tax free salary on a build up the pension fund tour and was recruited by his brother. they believe that frank has such an affinity built up in less than a season that he would crawl to Glasgow to manage a club he was at afor a few months before getting better tax free wages in Saudi Arabia. He played 16 times for a Saudi club and once for another Saudi club. Clearly frank was finished and was at it, conning wages in the twilight of his career. Frank was also caught at it in Turkey where he played for Galatasaray 15 times before they bumped him to Rangers. Or are the loyalists from Ibrox getting mixed up with brother Ronnie who never even made 100 appearances for the dead club and has never managed on his own. God they are dumb and refuse to recognise their current state, hence it will continue. The road to recovery starts with recognition of the problem

  4. Simple…..Sunday was a stroll in the park….the 4_0 scoreline is simply flattering…..could have been so much more…in the end newco players tried lashing out at celtic players either in frustration or sheer badness….the gap between both clubs is vast…recognised by those with half a brain….but not by sevco supporters who vainly hold on to hope of better things year on year. Even the ibrox board knows the true position of things…financially and on the park….truth be told…sevco players went into meltdown during and after the game….but the ibrox board will continue to float the dream to those neanderthal supporters who hope for victory over both their nearest rivals and league and cup positions….because when those aspirations end so will sevco…and no the golden goose lining the boards pockets will be cooked…..and appointing any manager of meaning would be insignificant as he would be expected to do more with nothing new……give up the ghost sevco….your a team that lives on the memories of a dead and buried club…destroyed by your own gluttony and cheating…….if things continue as they are now you could well be in liquidation very soon…….and given that you still rely as a club on the support of bigotry…..I for one…would love to see that

  5. The gap is closing lol… aye right the only reason the points total is not the same as last season is because Celtic played practically the whole season with half a team with the other half on the injury list. Now that these players are back that’s the true gap witnessed yesterday. HH🍀

  6. What joy to see Celtic play with style tenacity and grace. Rogic has magnetic boots, love the way he rolls the ball around. McGregor’s goal was sublime, Mr Versatility. All in complete contrast to the other lot swiping and fouling. Moronos pushing and shoving Broony in the box. Petted lip constantly on show. FairPlay to Bobby Madden to see most of the fouls, give penalty when due and go back to get that badge kisser Dorran’s for swiping a foot to endanger Callum. Intent. Regardless of contact, only Callum’s speed saves him. Kenny miller off like a shot from bench before the whistle. Some days we get Karma, sevco have been hiding behind lucky breaks and bad decisions. 6-1 to Ayr flattered them, Ayr had them on the ropes for most of the first half. Moron missed a sitter then gave the Ayr fans the two fingered sign learned from Barry f and the goalie Romeo.
    As soon as I laid eyes on McCrorie you could see he would get caught in the headlights.
    A fabulous day, even Rod singing Grace! HH

  7. This is all down to the media and pundits that do the radio shows saying the gap is closed especially alex rae,barry ebt ferguson wonder if barry still thinks BR got lucky that guy is a bigot tax dodger RAT BASTARD its people like them that are saying the sevco players are good and they players really believe that they are great but as we all seen yesterday Celtic played them off the park at liebrox they moved the pitch in so our players didnt have much room plus thats us got our injured players back thats another reason sevco look good because our best players were out half season and we drew alot of games so maybe the media and the pundits start telling truth about sevco players they will never beat Celtic with our best players back cant wait for tonight and listen to BIG FAT D.JOHNSTONE AND KEEVINS BUT ESPECIALLY BFDJ TAE SEE WHAT HE SAYS he’s the worse pundit out and a big biased zombie bastard HAFUCKINGHA Johnstone yer newco are shite?hail hail


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