Had the social media feed not been verified, I wouldn’t have believed Charlie Nicholas actually wrote the following about one of our former players.

The former Sky Sports pundit who was canned from Soccer Saturday is perplexed at former Celtic midfielder Stan Petrov discussing Celtic during their Europa League tie with Real Betis.

We could ask why he is still talking about Celtic to be honest.

BT Sport had to work on the fly to get a panel ready down south tonight after the original panel was denied access to Ibrox to talk inside the studio there.

Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton were booked to take in the game and discuss things pre and post-match, but given the decision taken by the Ibrox club, BT had to change their set-up.

They called Stan in with short notice and he took in the game for the broadcaster. I know Stan keeps up with Celtic and has regularly been on Celtic podcasts over the piece to discuss the club – especially last season.

Charlie needs to catch a grip.


  1. I can’t believe I used to idolize that tit ,, the cnut would be better keeping his mouth shut ,, sure most Celtic fans would rather see Stan in there than that d1ck


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