CHARLIE NICHOLAS has come out and admitted he got it badly wrong when he predicted Celtic to lose to Lazio in the Stadio Olimpico. The former Celt put the win at Celtic Park down to luck but when it came to the away game gave Celtic no chance of getting anything from the tie.

This led to Rod Stewart having a go at him after the fact – prompting Nicholas to replu and hold his hands up to his negative Celtic prediction.

“I had a little bit of a chuckle when Sir Rod Stewart had a pop at me last week.” Nicholas told the Express as cited by RecordSport.

“Rod was unhappy with me for saying that I didn’t expect Celtic to win away to Lazio.

“I hold my hands up and admit I got it wrong, because Celtic produced a great performance on the night.

“I also got the Rangers result wrong but I didn’t see Rod having a go at me for that one!

“In all seriousness, I haven’t seen Rod for years, but he is a great friend and always will be.

“I am in the business to give my opinion and I know people will have a pop back.

“I am more than happy to take things on the chin – whatever one they want to pick!”

Charlie never sees the positive side of Celtic and will not back them against many clubs in Europe in fear of looking silly around his English media pals. When it comes to his former club, he rarely has anything good to say.

We have seen and reported on his comments time and time again, at least for once he’s holding his hands up. I wonder who he will tip to top the Europa League group, Celtic or Cluj?


  1. He got it wrong,admitted it,and i’ll bet he’s delighted to be wrong.
    Does he talks some pish ? Yes.
    Is he ofren wrong ? Almost always.
    Does he deserve to be vilified like he is ? No.
    Is he a bit of a twat at times ? Absolutely.
    But when all is said and done,Charlies Celtic roots will never leave him

  2. Charlie Nickerless slabbering away like a Burst Condom.Never Ever has Anything positive to say Regarding Scotland’s Champion for the last 8 Titles.Here Celtic are a couple of Titles away from Smashing there very own Old Nine In A Row.And this Reprebate Brings Celtic Down at just about Every Turn.Did he play for the HooPs,Absolutely he Did.Is he a Celtic Legend,Yes in his Own Head.☘HH☘


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