Charlie Nicholas likes to go out of his way to throw some controversial statements Celtic’s way to keep himself front and centre. Despite nothing but stick coming back his way, he seems happy enough to be in any kind of spotlight.

It is not just Celtic either, he likes to put the boot into his ex-London club Arsenal too every chance he gets. He is famed at this stage for calling predictions the wrong way. Personally I’d rather see him not backing Celtic in Europe as he is proved wrong more times than not.

He wrongly predicted a 1-1 draw in the home leg with Lazio and rather than admit he was wrong he would rather say Celtic were fortunate with his Sky Sports predictions.

I am feeling a bit awkward about this one. Celtic did brilliantly to beat them with a last-gasp winner first time around. I did flag up a 2-1 win, but they were fortunate. Celtic needed to take a good scalp eventually.

Lazio went fourth in Serie A and will get their revenge in this one.


A draw for Celtic will be a decent result in Rome and will keep their destiny in their own hands. The Bhoys are top of their group and have two more games after Thursday away to Cluj and at home to Rennes.


  1. Charlie,you know if you go to win a game then its open play end to end next goal the winner and Charlie you know you can hit the post or bar 100 times but if you do not put ball in the net you win nothing yes you need luck but you must be able to play football fast and at very high standards but most of all the players must be fit to run for 90 plus mins.
    But over there i would like to see us play 5 along the back line with 3 holding midfielders and one attacking midfielder and one lone wolf up front that keeps two of there defenders watching him if they score we change it and go toe to toe with them we only need a point from this game…..

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