CHARLY MUSONDA has re-instated his Celtic posts on Instagram after worrying Celtic fans he may be off.

The Chelsea loanee who unfollowed all his Chelsea teammates before joining Celtic set alarm bells ringing when all of his Celtic posts disappeared from his Instagram account.

Between this and the fact the player has seen very little game time, it led many to speculate he may be about cut his loan deal short.

It may appear that the players social media account has been taken over by his personal sponsor Nike.

However, this morning we can confirm all of his posts have been re-instated and all is well in the Celtic camp.

Charly has immense talent that has not been given the proper platform yet, we have seen flashes in the odd time he has played so far.

Celtic fans are hoping there’s big things to come from the player next term.



  1. Bhoys probably just having a laugh,Dont believe anything in the Media.Not until its from an Official Celtic Source.If we were to believe the Media,Sevco would be Rangers and Liquidation was all just some kinda conspiracy Against the Hun Alliance.Even though there Death was in Every Single Paper at the Time.Dont believe me,Im only repeating what ive read over the Years.Only in Our Game does One Club get to Obliterate the Rules and make up there own as they Go.But everyone knows the Journo,s are an Absolute Deloodeid shower of manure and Have there own Agenda.Glasgow Celtic One Club One Love Established 1888 Unbroken History.Roll On Sunday.Dig there Grave and Dig it Deep..HfH

  2. Well said mate spot on!!Hail Hail Hammer the poison on Sunday! And it’s CELTICBRATION TIME YET AGAIN! HAIL HAIL DOUBLEMAIL TREBLE ON THE WAY


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