There was no photoshop needed to capture the moment a cheeky Celtic fan hoisted a champions, nine in a row flag above the city chambers!

George Square has been the focal point of unrest in recent months during lockdown. We have seen right-wing thugs cause trouble and grown men defending statues even though they have no idea who they’re defending.

With not a statue defender in sight, the Celtic flag was raised over George square for everyone to see. Flying proudly with the saltire.


A club campaign from across the city spent this week telling us Glasgow was blue. The equivalent of Espanyol telling Barcelona Barcelona is blue.

Celtic mocked the social media campaign as they printed their ten in a row Adidas slogan over Glasgow proclaiming these streets belong to Celtic.

It’s only fitting the city chambers flew the flag of the champions.

Celtic have had a decade of dominance and are a club who have won 11 trophies in a row.

Glasgow belongs to Celtic.



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