CHEEKY Celtic fans had a ball in Ibrox today and even added insult to injury as they brandished a Gers supports flag upside down in the corner of Ibrox.

The banner must have been acquired before the game and as a show of disrespect the supporters displayed it upside down and passed it about before police came in and confiscated the stolen banner.

The support watched their side exercise their demons from the past two times they had been there to be absolutely clinical as well as being strong defensively.

All the talk before the game was about what The Rangers were going to do to the Scottish Champions with not many giving Celtic a chance on the day.

The 700 supporters did not miss the mark as they partied through the game. From singing I wanna be Edouard to celebrating with the players after the game – it was a memorable day for all Celtic fans in and out of the stadium.



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