TWITTER can be such a harsh and desolate place but on the odd occasion it throws up some good laughs.

Today was one of those days.

It appears some Ibrox fans have been floating the idea around of an orange themed display for Hampden that could include the whole stand predominantly wearing orange.

When word got out that this may be happening, Celtic fans were quick to point out that they had a unique opportunity to have the National stadium blanketed in a tricolour with the Gers fans help.

Now there’s a thought!

It wouldn’t be the first time Celtic have spoiled the party for the Ibrox fans and we don’t mean on the pitch.

Earlier this season a Gers fan blabbed about their banner which would be unfurled before the first Celtic vs Rangers game of the season and Celtic fans were on the ball with this belter.




  1. Absolutely brilliant! Beat bigotry and the supremacist mind set with good old fashioned humour. Turning Hamdump into a giant Tricolour with the help of the zombies? Priceless.

  2. Their end will have a large opened Jaffa CAKE, to suit them. Really shite coloured fitba, Wae a soft orange centre. BOOM BOOM. HH.

  3. The Zombified Oldco RainJurZz Diehards trying to keep there Lie Alive by draping Hunden in Oranje,Different Shite but Most Certainly Still the Same Flies.I dont think The Clowns will sanction anymore Hunbelievable Ideas.They just cannae help themselves.Everyone has got to Admit it,They have entertained every other Club in Scotland with Laughs Galore.And i just cant see it stopping Anytime Soon.They were making steady Progres Till they faced the Mighty Neiderkorn or whatever the fck they are called.Most Definitely Not Same Club But its the same Manure for support…HfH girutlot


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