Neil Lennon was full of praise for the Green Brigade today as they made an unexpected return to Celtic Park.

The group of fans in the Lisbon lion stand were in good voice throughout today and were very positive in their support of the team.

It was obvious the club were not expecting this, the cheeky GB members purchasing single tickets for the game to make sure they were all together.

Green Brigade have been a divisive issue for many Celtic fans since they came to be. There is no denying their noise and colour are a welcome edition to match day. However their political stance and messages have brought UEFA to our door and many feel that any colour they do bring is over shadowed by these issues.

If the group of fans can be as positive as they were today then there is indeed a place for the group at Celtic Park. They will have universal support if they go about things the correct way – Neil Lennon agrees.

“So long as everyone works within the rules of the club then we welcome that colour, energy, noise. It’s been part of my time here for the last three and a half years and we don’t want to miss that because they brought a lot of good to the ground.”

Very well said by the gaffer.




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