CHELSEA Fans look to have given up on the idea Charly Musonda will one day become a big name player at Stamford Bridge.

The reason?

‘He’s not even good enough to get a game up there, so he’s not Chelsea material’.

This from a genuine Chelsea blog who cites that people are changing their twitter handles from Musonda-esk names to anything, thus proving he has no future.

Patience is a virtue.

There seems to be a lot of mischief making with regards to Charly Musonda and his Celtic loan deal.

You would think the player was only up here for four months before heading back down to London the way some go on.

Yes, Rodgers gave the young lad a chance early on but he failed to bed into the team correctly so since he has had to bide his time and also learn from the coaching staff.

Behind the Scenes, Celtic are already getting prepared for next season – looking at potential transfers and gearing their players up for the huge tilt into European football.

The Celtic manager has asked for patience while he gets his ducks in a row with regards to Charly.

While Charly probably expected to play in more games this campaign, he knows himself, come July there’s a lot of football to be played and a massive chance to make himself an integral part of the Celtic attacking line.

With departures highly expected in the summer, it’s good to know that there will be no ambiguity over where Musonda’s future lies come next term.

Maybe once he hits top form, we’ll see all those twitter handles make a comeback.


  1. Massive mistake by Chelsea to allow Charly Masonda to go to Celtic,there were plenty of warnings all ignored now look at Him 4 months on still struggling to get a game,or are Celtic trying to pull a fast one and trying to get Him on the cheap? I definitely would not rule BR doing that.

  2. What would Chelsea fans know about developing players.
    Their hubris and superiority complex knows only money.


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