It sticks in the throat of many who would like to drag Celtic’s great name through the mud but the Celtic supports ‘impeccable’ showing at the UEFA Cup Final back in 2003 Seville is still talked about in many circles to this day.

80k plus Celtic fans made the journey to Spain to see their club in their first European final for 33-Years.

When it was all said and done, laughs had been had, tears had been shed and friends had been made for life between the city of Seville and the Celtic faithful.

The bhoys may have not won the UEFA Cup but they won many admirers for the way they went about supporting their team, especially in such vast numbers.

Compare and contrast the current scenes coming out of the Spanish City now with the England fans ahead of their countries Nation League tie with Spain.

Sectarian chanting, obnoxious and destructive behaviour from some travelling with the England support has again marred a fixture involving England.

With the English fans in Seville – The Times Chief Sports reporter, Martyn Ziegler contrasted the two supports, having been there for Celtic’s UEFA Cup Final into what he’s seen from the England support which he brands ‘shameful.

England will go head to head with Spain tonight and the Spanish police will be glad to see the back of some of the travelling support who continually let their nation down.


  1. whoever is responsible for Mc lieshs appointment should be sacked now their is only one reason he got the job and everyone knows what that is and it’s nothing to do with football fire Mc liesh NOW he’s Rubbish and always has been

  2. The man has lost it or did he even have it ??? Enyway it looks as though the wee man Gordon was going in the wright direction with Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤔


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