Celtic’s AGM in mid November was not routine at all and showed up a lot of discontent between the fans and the board.

The lack of accountability and transparency at the club is a big issue. One major thing we pointed out on our social media channels at the time was the lack of ANY mention of former Chief Executive, Dominic McKay.

Dom was appointed and hailed as the man to take Celtic into a new era – 72 days later he was gone without an explanation.

The club cited family reasons but CeltsAreHere can categorically say there was no family reasons at play for the parting of the ways here. It boiled down to a difference in philosophies, what that was is up for speculation but it’s clear the board and Dom were not on the same page and when you’re not on Dermot’s pals wave length, you’re as good as gone.

Chris Sutton has brought this to the forefront again by asking what exactly went on here and why are the board so reluctant to let fans know what’s really going on:

“The big questions remained either unasked or unanswered. What the heck happened with Dominic McKay and the bright new vision he promised?” Sutton wrote in his RecordSport column.

“Is Michael Nicolson the long-term chief executive? What’s happening with the director of football role and the recruitment side of the club?”

The chasm between the fans and the board is growing. The board feel they’re not getting enough credit for the good stuff and are blamed for the bad. Celtic fans want to see change. Most board members have been there for ten years plus. It’s not conducive for progression or new ideas.

This Celtic board managed to drive us off a cliff when we should have been riding high, they believe outside forces stopped Celtic last season. Mitigating circumstances were there, but their finger prints are all over the crime scene.

Why not be more transparent?



  1. I have said many times to get MartinONeil aboard as dof but board are penny pinching again saying no to change.he would help Ange a lot,but the board only see cost of a proven professional stop interfering help the man and the club we all love!!


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