Chris Sutton has called out an incredible penalty decision today and claimed it’s little wonder fans have no faith in the referees in this country.

Often we get the same response from pundits claiming fans and their tribalism mean they can’t be objective or go over the score when decisions go against them or go in favour of a rival.

Sometimes that can be the case. People can’t see past their team and make some ridiculous comments on a decision of lack there of.

However, we had three Sky Sports pundits today telling viewers Bobby Madden’s decision to hand Celtic’s main title rivals a penalty was correct when if anyone with any sense looks at the footage should come to the same conclusion as Chris Sutton.

Our editor put it best when he claimed he’s embarrassed for the referee. Have a look at this and I dare anyone with a brain to say this is anything.

Hysteria isn’t in short supply in Glasgow but it can’t be used every time something like this happens, because it’s a pretty regular occurrence.

The penalty was missed and didn’t play a factor in the game, but with fine margins potentially going to decide the destination of the SPFL title – this kind of decision has to be called out.

If Bobby Madden gets anywhere near the Glasgow Derby this season – Celtic should be raising serious questions over his competency.


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