CHRIS SUTTON has not held back his view on Alfredo Morelos and has cited the three separate incidents against Celtic where the Colombian escaped punishment.

Morelos is in the dock again with his club shamelessly appealing the decision to send him off for kicking out at Scott McKenna.

Chris Sutton points out that in the Glasgow Derby the player was blatant in his attempts just like he was at Pittodrie.

Morelos lashed out on more than three occasions when Celtic visited Ibrox back in December. The referee did not book him at the time and then the SFA astonishingly exonerated the player of any wrongdoing. This lead to Celtic issuing a statement wanting to know exactly why this had been the case.

The SFA and referees went into full deflection mode and tried to turn the crisis around to paint themselves as the victim while never answering Celtic’s original question. Pretty pathetic stuff.



  1. Smart move by Aberdeen not to appeal McKenna’s RED. Let’s see how the compliance people handle it when they don’t have the easy way out by rescinding both REDs as an even handed judgement. Will they really be as stupid as to take Moronos’ RED back and keep McKenna’s in place.

  2. Dear Gary McCallmeback. Looks like the sevco player missed kicking the bloke in his arsehole and plumped for studs in his clackerbags. Time to re-write history ma arse.

  3. The most disgusting part of Gary mccalisters match interview was the defence Alan magregors tackle on Lewis Ferguson to try and say he came for the ball and curled himself up to protect himself what a terrible statement had some respect for him not anymore how can he look into a camera and say that he is a DOB….


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