CHRIS SUTTON has used his platform in the Daily Record to have a go at Celtic supporters who cut the team some slack when they play the mega rich.

Sutton, who couldn’t win away for Celtic in Europe during his time there bemoaned the acceptance of second best when it comes to playing the top sides in Europe.

“Whenever I stepped onto the pitch wearing a Celtic shirt I never had it in my mind that the opposition were brilliant and we didn’t have a chance.

“So why has the mentality changed amongst some Celtic fans and, even, it sounds like some Celtic players?

“If the route some want to go down is to just accept it’s the way it is going to be playing against the so-called super teams and getting humiliated and accepting it then that is wrong.”

While some of his points are valid, has he forgotten about Anderlecht game and the fact we ran Bayern right down to the wire not by defending for our lives but by playing football.

The mentality hasn’t changed, the game has changed and we’re adapting to it. Once upon a time, we paid £6million for the likes of Sutton when the mega-rich were spending £20-30million. Now we’re spending 2,3,4million max while others spend £200million. To be over critical is poor. Yes, put the game under the microscope and look how we can improve but the Celtic supporters are willing to cut some of the players slack when they come up against ridiculous opposition.


  1. The fact he writes for that rag who tagged him and his teammates “thieves and thugs “ is his way of trying to enhance his own agenda’s and media credentials. Ex footballer talking crap! What’s new they’re all at it.

  2. The problem is that there are many Celtic supporters who aren’t cutting the team some slack and unreasonably expect us to be able to compete against the PSGs of this world. It’s obvious to me that Brendan’s so-called “stubborness” is not because he doesn’t have a plan B, it’s because he knows that Plan A will work once the players are confident enough in their own abilities. It’s the players who allow themselves to be over-awed by the likes of Neymar and Cavani. Subconciously the players believe they are not good enough and allow themselves to be over-run. I think the plan will be to eventually bring through young players who have been playing Brendan’s way the entirety of their careers and suppliment them with a few imports. People need patience, it’s a different footballing world now and there will never be another Jock Stein/Lisbon Lions-type side winning the Champions League. A team like ours with the resources we have can only ever hope to get good enough to get to the groups and not get humiliated but even that will take time. We can’t throw money at the problem, if we did we’d risk the future of the club and frankly we don’t have enough money to even make a dent against the likes of PSG. That’s the reality.

    • Tom as you say,Sepp has hit the nail on the head.A fair size of the support,who have been brought up on a diet
      of domestic success do expect an unrealistic level of success in Europe.Under Brendan i think we will see us advance not only into the last 32 of the Europa cup,but farther than we have done since 2003’s fantastic run to Seville. Sepp also points out some of the players subconcously believe they are not worthy to be on the same pitch as some of the players,(especially the less experienced)they have had to face from Barca,PSG and Bayern.This is human nature and the players recognise and appreciate the abilities these star players show on the pitch.Surely Celtic are due a bit of luck come the Europa league last 32 draw and hopefully last 16-8-4, (starting to dream of Lyon now) and especially in next seasons C.L. draw,and avoid the big hitters we seem to face. each season.

  3. It is Chris Sutton who is wrong in this particular case. Celtic supporters are being pragmatic in the main. Sutton is falling for all the globalisation crap and criminal activities of the establishment.

    In a ridiculous turn of affairs, Bayern Munich are being disciplined because their fans helld up a banner complaining about ticket pricing for their UEFA game the other night with Anderlecht. Germany has fair ticket pricing in a fair league and Bayern fans are used to that. The criminals at Uefa are only interested in money and will punish Bayern, who are an honest club, but will ignore OSG who are breaking all the runes. What the hell has happened to people’s rights to free speech?

    The Bayern fans at Celtic Park behaved impeccably, just as we try to do when we visit others on the continent. However, UEFA punishing fans with outrageous pricing is going to kill the game.

    I honestly wish that the majority of decent clubs should simply state that they are not taking part and you might as well play the champions league with 4 clubs each year.

    Sutton is showing the same mind set as those managers who just want to spend big money on players to bring success. It is destroying what should be a sport. There is a difference between having sugar daddy billionaires or sugar daddy countries and running an honest and sustainable organisation with integrity, like Celtic and Bayern Munich, to name but two.

    • With the team we have at the moment . .. we have no chance against these teams .. if we qualify next year .. get a few defenders and a goalkeeper and get a more favourable draw we will improve ..we have more points this year than Dortmund Monaco benfica and feyernoord .. money isn’t everything but it helps and it’s a fact that we are never going to be able to buy established players like Sutton or Hartson anymore when average players are getting silly wages in England.. if we make the Europa that’s progress and I’m happy with that .. as for doing better against psg they completely swamped us .. we weren’t helped by injury and at least one of their goals was offside but they will win it this year.. if they don’t they will probably spend another 300 million next year .. draxler can’t even get a game for them !!

  4. No matter who Celtic are up Against,Gone are the Days when Any So Calked Big Teams come to Paradise And think themselves lucky leaving with a Draw…..Scott Brown and Gordon and Boyata are Dandy domestically,But in Europe ffs what more needs said!!!!!HH n Awrat…..We need a few decent capable signings.Who are Fearless…..

  5. Chris Sutton wants to step back a pace. Some of these lads playing for Celtic are young and finding their way in the game. Every week they are playing at a level which in their environment they can cope and learn from. The Champions League is a different animal altogether. The mega rich are involved and it will only get worse. We are part of this circus. Every league in Europe are becoming the haves and have not. Unless this stops people will get bored . It isn’t sport. The problem with the experts is they are being mercenaries to the pound. The proper clubs willl survive, Celtic have changed their strategy since Sutton played. We buy young , develop, and sell for a substantial profit. HH

  6. Getting paid by the Daily Ranger, aside. I think he’s 100% correct and I’m not alone in that thinking. The way BR has us set up for games against the giants is wrong and it’s the only thing he has done wrong in his tenure 7 men behind the ball is not the Celtic way however but we can’t just go in too lambs in a slaughter.

  7. We won’t compete with anyone with that calibre and money and theres a few and its only going to stay that way because we’re in a crap league we crap teams unless we play against better opposition every week its never gonna change Hail ‘ Hail ‘


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