Chris Sutton has came to the defence of Celtic after Roy Keane took a shot at the clubs mentality following the humbling the bhoys recieved against Barcelona.

The Irishman was scathing in his criticism of Celtic’s lack of standards and ambition but former Celtic striker Chris Sutton believes Keane needs to lay off the Celtic team and have some perspective.

“The problem with Roy Keane is that he had such high standards during his career that he probably judges everything by them.

“It’s unfair to do that because he was absolutely brilliant. Celtic would love a team of Roy Keanes but he would cost up to £90million in this day and age.

“Roy Keane talks about the mindset in European away games. Well, he’s managed Ipswich Town so he’ll know all about weak mentality. He’s right in saying it has to change but it takes time and things need to be put into perspective.

“Celtic were losing games on the road with a far stronger set of players than they have now. Last season they didn’t even win a game in the Europa League. Brendan Rodgers can’t just flick a switch after being in the door for five minutes.”

Do you agree with Roy or does Chris make a lot more sense?



  1. Barca had Man U chasing shadows round Wembley .. Sladdered them.. That was with plenty of time to prepare, £1/2 billion in players .. And the best manager in the world …Keanes a mouth on a stick..he underscored our win over them .. saying worse rangers team he’s ever seen… Took a shot at our fans .. Who went to Spain knowing it was near a pipe dream getting a result against Barca ..hates to see anybody having a good time , that they spent good money to have. He’s a dick , if he walked into a pub. You’d just call a taxi ..

  2. Chris is bang on , we would ?A team of Keanes
    Great players cost £ Roy. Chris understands the budget Celtic work with so to properly compete in Europe , Celtic would need owners the likes of man u , man city , or chelsea . So until then we will continually try to punch above our wieght ???


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