CHRIS SUTTON has taken to Twitter after his phone number was seemingly leaked online.

The former Celtic striker turned pundit posted a very strong message on social media after he had given his phone to his young daughter for a sleepover.

The Englishman made it clear he’d be taking the matter further after his daughter was left very upset with calls being received all night and abusive messages flooding his phone.

The BT pundit never shirks from an opinion and will always give you his honest thoughts. This doesn’t go down well with a lot of the idiots who follow football who have decided to try and harass the former striker.

It’s disgusting that it would even happen to Chris but to hear his seven-year-old daughter has taken the brunt of the abuse overnight is shocking.

Even some of the comments underneath Chris’ post are shocking with people laughing about the incident. Social media can be a breeding ground for morons.


  1. Although this incident should never happen it beggars belief that CS should give a 7yr old girl his phone for a sleepover. For goodness sake it’s not as if he can’t buy her a phone for herself. A pay as you go would do for a child that age.
    Start acting responsibly Chris and stop giving your child your phone.


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