Chris Sutton has taken a swipe at the Ibrox club after it was confirmed the Celtic hero and pundit is still banned from Ibrox.

The Englishman posted ‘everyone, anyone’ on his social media feed. A dig at the Ibrox slogan that anyone if welcome at the club and they’re all inclusive. Not if you’re a former Celtic player, however.

A spokesperson for BT Sports told The Sun:

Last night a source said: “It’s going to look pretty strange when they’re analysing the game from an empty stadium.

“But Chris Sutton is a valued member of the BT Sport team so when Gers told them he wasn’t welcome they didn’t hesitate to change their plans.

“There was no way they would leave Chris.”

Earlier in the season, BT had to scramble for a studio in London after the ban came in quite close to game time for Sutton and Neil Lennon.

BT are furious at the ban, it looks as if all pundits will emanate from an empty Celtic Park tomorrow instead of a full Ibrox because of the pathetic pettiness on show by a club who love to grandstand and play to their masses while preaching inclusivity.

Chris won’t post too much sleep over it I’m sure. But when people tune in for the Scottish football coverage of the Europa League on Thursday, the empty Celtic Park will be a constant reminder of our rival’s embarrassing call to ban Chris.

Kris Boyd regularly spouts lies and bitter nonsense towards Celtic, yet our club allow him access to do his job, no matter how badly.


  1. Not a good look for Ipox. However BT sport had no other choice in this matter. They know why Chris is excluded, now Sevco are. No TV press post match I assume. Manager yacking to David Edgar’s H&H blog and a couple of paid up members of the “Press Partners”. Ha, f’n, Ha

  2. . . .and STILL the SFA sit on their hands and pretend that all is well with Scottish football.
    You just needed to listen to that hate-fest and bile that passed for ”good atmosphere” according to Steven Craigan on Sunday’s semi-final at Hampden to know that the Ibrox slogan of ‘Anyone Everyone’ is as dead as the old Rangers.
    It only quietened down on Sunday when Hibs pumped them 3-1.
    What an embarrassment that excuse for a football club are.
    The shame of Scotland for sure.


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