Chris Sutton is the only BT Sports pundit who gets to say “I told you so” when it comes to commentating on the Rangers mess.

When Pedro got the sack he was quite quick to point out that he had made the call on Pedro’s appointment, that Pedro was doomed. Sevco fans are so blinkered and blinded by hate that they could never take anything Sutton says as positive criticism. Maybe they should hire him as a consultant or put him on their interview panel for the next clown.

Sutton has been a breath of fresh air in the world of football commentating and punditry, he just calls it as it is. If anyone thinks he his biased, they should rewind back to the Deila reign, when Sutton said what had to be said because it was the truth and he¬†wasn’t fishing for some controversy.

Sutton seems a bit bored now with the Rangers results, he’s been calling it right for so long his mood comes across in his tweet today after the Rangers lost at home to Hamilton for the first time since 1926.

His honesty is refreshing. Today you could feel other commentators threading carefully with Sutton, they know he’ll call them out if they try con their audience.


  1. “They” world love to see Sutton eliminated from their works ? The world that’s scared of sevco , that we scared of rangers and the world that will always be scared to call the Hun out to the car park of debate . The Hun is a bully and smsm has coward to that bullying

  2. First time since 1925 Hamilton beat Real Sevcolona.Sevcolona werent even a thought in 1925 So,Another RainJurz Nonsense statement.Rangers who were about then are in Liquidation.FFS the whole world and its Dog knows that,So well Done Hahahahamilton in Gubbing this embarrassment of a So Called Club….HfckingH n Awrat….The Circus Act that Keeps Given,Sevcolona


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