Chris Sutton had a brilliant response for a Leicester fan after he tried and failed to wind the former Celtic striker up on social media.

The comment from a Foxes fan comes as they are winning 5-0 against Southampton in the English Premier League.

Chris Sutton once famously commented the Celtic reserves have more prestige than Leicester when he spoke about Brendan Rodgers jumping ship from Celtic to the English side.

The Englishman was sharp with his comeback and suggested should Leicester keep up that form under Brendan Rodgers they could join Celtic in Europe next season.

The scenes at Celtic park on Thursday evening still fresh in the memory, Leicester fans still haunted by Sutton’s comments should know better not to challenge the BT pundit on social media.

The former Celtic player regularly goes on the wind up but also defends Celtic on a regular basis from snarky English comments about the Scottish League.



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