CHRIS SUTTON has pulled no punches as he declares Celtic must quickly find a competent goalkeeper for the rest of the season.

Barkas was beaten from a tight angle on the night and really should have saved the shot that brought Midtjylland back into the game.

A lot of Celtic supporters were willing to give Barkas the benefit of the doubt after last season and see what he could do under Ange Postecoglou.

It’s taken his first competitive game of the season to cost Celtic a victory. You could argue it’s a one off game but there’s no confidence in the goalkeeper at present.

Speaking to Premier Sports after the game, Chris Sutton blasted the goalkeeper and warned Celtic they must find a replacement.

“Whatever way you look at it, he has killed the manager and killed the team.” Sutton began his rant as cited by Record Sport.

“It’s not rocket science. Fraser Forster in goal saves that.

“This was going on all last season. Barkas wasn’t good enough, Bain wasn’t good enough. He clearly needs a goalkeeper. It’s a big, big issue.

“Fraser Forster, do I need to keep harping on about him? Yes, because it’s the importance of having a good goalkeeper in a big game.

“This was a big game tonight and Celtic didn’t get the second and third their play deserved, but they should be taking a lead over to Denmark and they are not doing that because of the goalkeeper.

“He’s not going to come back. It’s about trust. How many more times? The joke among Celtic supporters is that Barkas never made a save last season and in some ways it’s hard to argue with.

“A couple of saves against Preston and you thought ‘will that give him confidence?’ but that’s a major error tonight.”

Celtic are heading to Denmark next week to try and grab a win. Barkas will likely be in goal again. The Greek goalkeeper could make a few decent saves but right now there’s no confidence in him that he’ll come up big in the moments that matter.


  1. The support has a vote of confidence, and Barkie loses. Has Barkie any confidence in his ability as a shot stopper?
    John Stein once said ‘I have confidence in all my goalkeepers, as the backline is always strong’.
    When asked what if the Goalkeeper or backline had a bad day. He replied ‘ I’ ll answer that question, in a game of chance make sure you can’t lose’ and `In Europe score a goal more’.

  2. Barkas always finishes a game without a hair out of place,strange guy,never shows any type of emotion and certainly doesn’t keep the defenders on their toes by shouting and encouraging them.Pickford was excellent for England at doing that….

  3. Can this not be resolved by getting big Forster back? The board should put this issue to bed and get him back. I think he’d come back too. He’s a leader and we need more of this type of character and skill level, especially now

  4. Please God will these experts stop comparing Barkas to Forster…look at age, value and especially wages..Like comparing a Fiesta to a Porsche. Barkas is as good a keeper as Celtic can get on the money they offer..Ivor Toney, John McGinn even Mat Ryan all wanted to play for Celtic…the bucks were not forthcoming so Celtic lost out big time…Celtic are a second rate team in a third rate league with first rate support..


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