Chris Sutton has claimed if Fraser Forster ultimately turns down Celtic this summer, it will be a huge slap in the face to Neil Lennon and the club.

Sutton believes the power is with the players in transfers these days and if Fraser truly wants to be at Celtic next season, the player himself can make it happen.

Celtic we’re scrambling during the week after it appeared the deal was dead in the water but now there’s a slim chance Forster could return on a permanent deal. The move can only happen if Celtic match Southampton’s asking price.

It’s incredible to think Forster has gone from afterthought to someone the club are looking to hold to ransom for a few more million quid.

Here is Chris Sutton’s take on the transfer situation at present in his RecordSport Column:

Last summer, when Forster was stuck out in the cold and no one wanted to take him from Southampton, it was Lennon who went out and resurrected his career.

They say there’s no loyalty in football any more and, if it’s the case that Forster does snub Celtic, that’d be a slap in the face to a manager who’s done more for him than anyone.

Now, of course, I am not armed with all of the details. I don’t know the intricacies of the deal – who is due what financially, what the demands where and who was going to pay and lose what.

But one thing I do know is that players have ultimate power these days. Regardless of a situation, if they want to get out of a club or make a deal happen, it genuinely happens.

My gut feeling is that if Forster really, really wants to be at Celtic, he can still make it happen, even if it’s not looking likely right at this moment in time.

Southampton are in financial difficulty and have had to take a loan out to keep the lights on. It stands to reason they’ll ask for as much money as possible. However, if Fraser is not in the manager’s plans and he’s sitting taking up 70kpw to do nothing, a deal later down the line could happen.


  1. Take it how ever you like this is about money a 90k a week or 30k a week any one of us would keep the deal he is on 90k a week and if he could head back out on loan again to Celtic then he may be back if not we move on easy as that..


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