CHRIS SUTTON has went back to the mode he was in back in January when he famously tipped The Rangers to win the league against a Brendan Rodgers Celtic. Turns out we didn’t even need him for that to happen.

The negativity around Celtic constantly right now would suggest we’re a team struggling for form. We’re just off the back of a 6-1 aggregate score line against a team many said we’d struggle against. We’ve also banged in 39 goals in our first 12 games this season. For a team who’s apparently done, we’re going not too bad.

Compare and contrast The Rangers spin with the positivity of managing to pull out 1-0 results.

This is where we are.

Celtic are much better off than they were this time last year.

It would be heartening to see some quality come through the door before Monday but picture Chris paints is pretty misleading.


  1. We simply have to sort ourselves out defensively. Failing to do not an option. The club knew for months that we were about to lose. release, return a total of 7 defenders yet we came into the season with a patchwork , work in progress defence and tried to make the CL with it. Its already cost us in that regard. And now, with one business day to go, we are still looking for defenders.

  2. Biggest worry for me tomorrow is Lenny will go with a guy who has played 4 games in goal big Forrester.We have a keeper in Craig Gordon who has never let us down at Ibrox,infact saved us from a 5 or 6 doing ladt year,luckly only 1-0 hail hail.


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