CHRIS SUTTON was in great form, as usual, this morning when he came across an Ibrox fan asking for some sort of parade of the Florida cup.

The former Celtic striker thought it was a brilliant idea and encouraged the Gers fan to get it sorted.

The hilarious part of the whole thing now is that the Govan side didn’t actually win the tournament in the end and that went to the Barcelona tribute act, Barcelona Sporting Club – an Ecuadorian outfit.

Oh well, I’m sure the Petrol Tank Cup will keep them ticking over for now.



  1. My oh My Deary Deary Me,The 2nd Most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football History!!!Taking there Delusions of Grandeur to a whole New Level.They take part in a Worthless Cup competition.And make out like its the Next Step in the morbid Outlook on World Domination.The only Club that was more Corrupt than this Rancid excuse of a team is and Was RainJurZzz 1872,But the History Books show this Club is no longer in Existance.These facts are always swerved by the smsm and the Sevconian Mindeid!They stood by and watched that Cheating Lying Tax Dodging Die After being Liquidated.But please dont let the Truth get in the way of A delusional Story.Sevco are not and never have been looked upon as Celtics bitter rivals or part of the “Old Firm”..That ship was sunk back in 2012…HH Glasgow Is Green n White..

  2. The photo with the article says it all, caption could be ” Its alright for you to laugh, you don’t support the tribute act “.


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