I think Chris Sutton is playing Pokemon the bear with Brendan Rodgers on BBC radio.

The Englishman who regularly talks about the Scottish game on the English centric radio phone-in asked the question to the audience; Who would you rather be managed by in Europe? Brendan Rodgers or Neil Lennon?

This will have been a direct reaction to Neil Lennon’s famous win in the Stadio Olimpico.

The answers were coming thick and fast but it was clear, the fans who have seen both manage in Europe know there’s only one correct answer – Neil Lennon.

That’s no disrespect to Brendan Rodgers but he refused to budge on his football philosophy whether it was Livingston or PSG as one of the comments below mentions.

Celtic took some heavy defeats under Brendan who tried to go man for man with a highly superior side.

Chris Sutton has not been short of little knocks at Rodgers since his hasty departure. He’s enjoying his old pal Lenny proving people wrong at Celtic.


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