CHRIS SUTTON has pointed out the uncomfortable truth in Scottish football that many want to shy away from.

The way Jose Mourinho acted after last night’s win in Turin raised the question again – why is Mourinho not being attacked and vilified for his actions.

The Portuguese manager cupped his ears at the Juventus crowd, something Neil Lennon has done in the past and been told this is why there is violence towards him.

Chris points out, the Manchester United boss got a rise out of the Juventus fans with many saying the game would be ‘boring’ without Jose’s character.

It’s no different to what Neil Lennon did last week, however, when the Hibs boss gets struck – he’s brought it on himself somehow.

Fans who continually abuse for 90 minutes and can’t take it when a manager gives them the most jovial or harmless of responses back they all turn rabid.

It’s an absolute joke. We can confirm Jose wasn’t struck by anything heading down the track.



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