CHRIS SUTTON didn’t hold back on the RecordSport Celtic podcast when he analysed Ally McCoist’s latest comments on Celtic’s title win.

McCoist was not having any of it and said Celtic’s title would have an asterisk next to it because the league wasn’t finished.

Sutton has hit back at the comments, asking if Ally has been on the Buckfast.

“I think Ally’s been on the Bucky, hasn’t he? I don’t know what he’s talking about. He just doesn’t want to admit it, that Celtic have been the better team.

“I saw one of his quotes from Tuesday morning, he said: ‘Could Rangers have caught up with Celtic? Absolutely’. I mean, what planet is he on? Really?

“People talk about asterisks, but there should be question marks – and this is what Rangers fans should be thinking – over what the hell happened in Dubai?

“There should be exclamation marks about Alfredo Morelos, the shape he was in after the winter break. Don’t worry about asterisks.”

A lot of Celtic fans are saying the same thing, because the way the season had to end, there has been very little introspection from our rivals. Instead, they have focused on Celtic being crowned champions in difficult circumstances. The collapse in the early part of 2020 seems to be a distant memory.

That suits Celtic to be honest!

Chris has been the only real Celtic voice in the media asking these questions of pundits who continually try to discredit the title. Thirteen points clear with a plus 25 goal difference speaks for itself.


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