Chris Sutton has reacted like every other Celtic fan after watching the club drop two points at home to Livingston; why didn’t our penalty taker not take out last minute penalty?

Giakoumakis stepped up to take the spot kick as Celtic looked to get out of jail. Juranovic has tucked away his last penalty nicely and if you asked anyone inside the stadium, they’d have chosen the Croatian.

The Greek striker stepped up, putting himself under immense pressure to slot away the penalty given the Juranovic snub and the shot was saved.

It was a frustrating afternoon for Celtic against Livingston. The bhoys having all the possession but the away side defending for their lives.

We had balls cleared off the line, last ditch interventions and the obvious missed penalty. Even after the missed pen, Celtic had a chance they squandered at the death.

I wonder what Ange has learned about his team after today.


  1. They played all day to get that Giakoumakis on the score sheet and when he wrongly got the penalty chance he powder puffed it to the keeper disgraceful decision letting take such a crucial penalty.

  2. Poor management kyogo should have started, never mind this resting players nonsense, we had a chance to go top at home and blew it. But that aside when taking a penalty put your laces through it if the keeper saves it fair enough, but two steps back and powder puff really scunners me.

  3. Ange said before the game that we can’t expect to win by just turning up.
    Looked to me like that message didn’t register with some of the players.
    Not a single sign of anyone in our team rousting the players up and demanding some fire.

  4. Wrong team out today IMO. Game was lost by Management as much as players on the pitch. Kyogo should have started – needed guile to score today & Giakoumakis obviously lacks it. Early days for him but hope he’s not yet another dud. Taking pen duty off Juranovic was mindbogglingly stupid. In any case Montgomery gives far more in terms of attacking play than Juranovic as does Walsh rather than Bitton who gave us very little. Turnbull needs to know he’s not first choice – he’s far too slow & hindered the tempo which needed to be high. Today was like a throwback to Lennon/Kennedy performances with no answers against a team who sat in & defender well – as others will do. Surely Kennedy is not unduly influencing Ange – if so that will definitely be to his detriment.

    • Here we go again-we drop points so must be Kennedy’s fault…….

      IMO midfield is a major concern, far too ponderous, too much passing again with no purpose or end result, its becoming a pattern that oppositon keeper has virtually nothing to do.

      As captain and an experienced player, McGregor should take mote responsibility but too often shifts it out to the wing.

      I wouldnt have believed just how badly Tom Rogic was missed today

  5. I feel sympathy for Kyogo here, as you can see clearly, he got slapped on the back of the head. His head moves forwards, as you would expect from being slapped on the back of the head, but then, his head jolts backwards, which indicates, there must have been a second slapper. Is there a grassy knoll nearby?

  6. GG was picked as pen taker pre game. If AP knew it would be an extra time pressure penalty then he would have chosen JJ. Hindsight ! Arguments about Kyogo would be more plausible if he had actually done anything worthwhile when he did come on. He didn’t. The self indulgent green brigade’s silence demonstration didn’t help. The longer Livi went without conceding the more confident they became. Angeball can’t succeed for us without an aggressive and physical Rogic replacement. Liam Shaw ? Ewan Henderson ?


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