CHRIS SUTTON has absolutely roasted Alfredo Morelos for claiming he wants to play in a more competitive league when he hasn’t even won the league he currently plays in.

Sutton responded to a Daily Record article that claims Morelos will look to play in a more competitive league in the future so he can really excel.

Morelos has played with the Ibrox club for two seasons and hasn’t won any trophy at all. Not even reached a major final. He has banged in goals this season but he has yet to score against the Scottish Champions.

The audacity to claim he needs to play in a more competitive environment is laughable. You would think he’d want to topple Celtic first before he looked for a challenge elsewhere.

There’s more money in other ‘competitive’ leagues and that’s probably a reason for the comment.

Sutton did not let the comment pass without comment, thankfully.


  1. Who’s going to pay 200 million for a Muppet
    His amazing goals against Hamilton, St mirren, Dundee, St Johnstone and Partick thistle will have the English premier league killing themselves to land this sent off 5 time international flop.
    The laughing begins again lol
    Hail Hail 🍀


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