CHRIS SUTTON has taken to social media to seek an apology from angry Ibrox fans who said he did not wish Steven Gerrard all the best.

The comment stemmed from Chris wishing Frank Lampard all the best in his new role as Derby manager. The former English midfielder is taking his first step into management much like the new Ibrox boss. Gers fans seemed unimpressed by Sutton’s cander and quickly pointed out he didn’t do the same for Gerrard.

Only thing, he did!

Dimwitted fans will get angry over anything.


  1. Sevconians Get Angry at Anything,I mean just try and explain Liquidation to Them.For six whole years they have Utterly Got Themselves CONvinced,Somehow even though 140 Years of History is Broken.They are Miraculously Going For 55.And they are Same Club.They,d whinge over the color of Shite.


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