CHRIS SUTTON has been stinging in his criticism of Celtic’s chief scout Lee Congerton now the former Celtic striker has declared it’s a big few days for the struggling scout.

Lee was brought into Celtic as their head of recruitment but has done very little to this point which would suggest he’s up to the task.

Celtic’s signing record has been poor under his regime and the Marvin Compper debacle has to be a constant source of embarrassment for him and his scouting department.

With less than 48-hours to go until the deadline, Celtic are still chasing new signings and will hope to get deals over the line.

Congerton and his team must have been searching high and low for potential recruits after a summer of seemingly hanging about the Etihad looking for stray players.

Celtic are in desperate need of freshening up and right now, as it stands Celtic look like they’re leaving the transfer window much weaker than they went into it

Over to you Lee.


  1. Brilliant spot on comment Chris Sutton poor poor who leaves it to last minute I could be a better scout than Lee congerton paid money for old rope as they say great comment by Sutton on scout congerton commper should never have been signed up cos he was injury prone before he got here in first place it’s not rocket science to see this ya Muppet lee

  2. Agree ,this guy is a waste of space and the money he is getting, done s-d all to date, to sign a player injured beggers belief !!!! Thank god we ditched the dons player,would like to see both out of the club ASAP.

  3. Time for congerton to sling his hook. An absolute debacle of a scouting/signing policy. We seem to want to buy every player for buttons and clubs are refusing to do business.

  4. I agree Chris, he has to go! Why oh why do we keep making bad signings, crocked players etc? Is someone just in there for a free wage? Time is up for Lee Congerton and his so called staff! Same Sh*t different year, same old bile from Lawwell! Open the Biscuit Tin FFS! Ya tight arse. I for one am sick and tired of it, I can’t even imagine how the season ticket holders feel. Lubo said he would scout but NOOOOOO…He’s been there and he knows what the fans want. Something must be going on behind the scenes! HH

  5. Brendan wanted Congerton so he must have rated him. Park had mixed results with recruitment but some good ones. Congertons are mixed too……..bad and bliddy awful.

  6. Well said sutton but it goes in one ear and out the other at parkhead i blame p.lawwell and if BR goes because he cant get players that board better hide on their way out because the fans wont miss them if they toss 10inarow away through all this the banners will be all around the top of parkhead because what a chance we had to do it and make more history and for thr greed of our board not to strengthen the team they deserve everything thats coming to them especially p.lawwell ive never trusted him and this is why he worked at the corrupt sfa never help the fans RES.12 about the cheating our Sinclair getting abused at liebrox broonie getting attacked p.lawwell said nothing about it our players are getting assaulted on the park yet again board say nothing cant wait for them to go im not paying into a corrupt game no more…HH

  7. No more dead wood we need players playing not watching,some times i think if we paid big money for top fourteen players they all get a game every week then we make the rest of players up with young lads trying to get in top faces we need but they must want to play.


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