CHRIS SUTTON is showing no signs of festive spirit towards his fellow man as we enter the festive period. Well, maybe just his fellow man from Govan!

The former Celtic striker has taken the opportunity on his Daily Record column to slam the Ibrox board for their ticket allocation reduction and how they ruined the spectacle of a Glasgow Derby.

Did Chris stop there? You know he didn’t.

The man who once famously tied a bow around a famous green and whitewash made it clear what he wants to see at Ibrox at the end of the year.

A Celtic win, yes, that’s a given but he wants more than that.

Sutton Wrote in his RecordSport Column: 

‘The truth is for the good of the game, the occasion and the spectacle I hope Celtic pump Rangers as usual at Ibrox at Christmas.

‘Another Yuletide hammering in front of their own supporters might be the only way to make them see sense. Slashing tickets doesn’t win football matches but it does hurt the image of the game.’

So not just a win for Celtic but a 5-1 style result would be right up the BT man’s street! Ours too, as it goes.

Sutton is rightfully annoyed as are many ex Ibro players who believe the pandering, inept and unprofessional board have needlessly changed the complexion of a Glasgow Derby because they can’t take getting beat.

Oh Well.


  1. Sevconia,They just dont like The Mighty Wonderful Tic Skelping Them and Partying it up.Even whining about our players celebrating scoring.They really are a Special Breed are these Sevconians.Obsessed with stopping Us Doing 10.Id never set foot in the Crumble Dome.Its fallen apart,Lifes could be put in Danger from fallen Debris.Get It Up Them.HH


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