CHRIS SUTTON believes Leigh Griffiths may have unintentionally created a rift in the Celtic dressing room because of the frontman’s on-field antics.

The striker came off the bench against Rosenborg to grab the winner for Celtic late on and declared he was ‘number one’. A celebration Leigh said came out of frustration as he scores goals but is regularly overlooked.

However, former Celtic striker Chris Sutton believes this will be irking fellow striker Odsonne Edouard with the public display of putting himself over and inadvertently putting the French striker down.

Speaking to the Daily Record the BT Pundit said: “Griffiths is a terrific striker but I don’t like this ‘I’m the man’ stuff. He did it again at Killie.

“That doesn’t create harmony. If I’m Edouard, I don’t like that.”

If you’re a manager, you want to see that passion from your players to go out and make themselves the most important player on the pitch.

However, when things aren’t going so well, it will get used against players, and that’s precisely what’s happening here.

Had Celtic won the game 1-0 on Sunday – Chris Sutton wouldn’t be calling Leigh’s choice of celebration into question but rather applaud him for taking the initiative.

Celtic lose, and it’s somehow the reason why Edouard and others may be disgruntled.

In the words of Chris himself – ‘Do Me A Favour’.



  1. Don’t know if Chris is right or wrong!!!!!but can understand the frustration by griff,maybe these sort of actions do say something,but don’t think they should disrupt anything ,maybe I am wrong????but if he does not get the service he won’t score, that is where we are falling down !!!!!! ,we need to get back to the way we used to play,hh

  2. What a load of pish
    Every striker claims he’s the best or he wouldn’t be where he is
    Can’t believe fat boyd makes a statement about unrest in the dressing room and the result is story after story muppet after muppet coming out with their expert opinion
    It won’t be long before some expert claims to have heard shots fired in the Celtic dressing room such is the nonsense for one to get one over the other
    Celtic shut these muppets up
    Hump St Johnstone tomorrow and the rock dwelling muppets will disappear until such times as to spew their pish again
    Hail Hail

  3. If anything it should spur edourd on to play better Griff has every reason to be frustrated but monster munch is just trying to create something out of nothing…. More wishful thinking than anything else and as usual the daily ranger runs with it

  4. Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. And they think everyone else’s stink. The amount of goals. Griffo’s scored over his career prove he is a threat. Edoards a threat too, but he like Moussa before him (and all the chunky centre forwards of Celtics teams of the past) Has the extra weight to hold the baw up, when they played one man up front. And as mentioned earlier Celtic have to learn to be more ruthless in midfield and attack. And not shi7e it when they lose possesion..

  5. It’s amazing how quick we are turn on the team that has played some amazing football over the last couple of seasons granted poor start but We’re Still Celtic HH

  6. I cannot be arsed with it to be honest it’s not doing anyone any favours though, Eddies going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment but I have total faith in him turning this around , but what I will say is that we need a result tonight this is a massive game for so many reasons, we need to shut a few zombies up COYBIG HH


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