CHRIS SUTTON took the opportunity in his Record Sport column to take a massive dig at Kris Boyd – branding him a ‘sneering pundit’ who talks down the Scottish game.

Sutton has always been an advocate of Scottish football and regularly defends the league from the English pundits who want to patronise or just dismiss the game here.

Kris Boyd started to waffle on Sky Sports last weekend and in doing so dig himself a hole he was only too happy to dig deeper when he was called out on it.

The player turned pundit said there are no great footballers in Scotland. Considering some of the talent shining in the EPL right now recently played in our game, to make such a statement is pretty moronic – but then again, look who we’re dealing with here.

Sutton took a dig at Boyd for his comments and exclaimed this is the best time to talk our game up.

“So don’t listen to other sneering pundits talking Scottish football down. No great players? Do me a favour.

“I can’t understand why anyone would put the boot into the game up here when there is so much to be positive about this weekend.

“Tomorrow’s Final is something to savour. It’s two teams that are bang in form and at the top of their game. It’s also too close to call”

We’re pretty sure we’ll have the standard, ‘oh I ruffle some feathers, didn’t I?’ response from Kris Boyd in the near future – instead of taking a step back and admitting he was wrong.


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