CHRIS SUTTON was on spectacular form last night on Twitter when it came to the walking dead crawling out from their slumber looking for a pound of flesh.

Celtic capitulated in Paris and nobody can hide their disappointment but some of the rhetoric from other supporters is amusing.

So when a Gers fan tried to point out the financial gap that exists between Celtic and the rest of Scotland, he happily retorted.

For those out of the loop, Hamilton managed a 2-0 win over Ibrox side at the weekend. I hear Hamilton got a roasting for not winning by a bigger margin.

While Celtic toil against the likes of PSG they still remain the benchmark in Scotland and that’s hard for some to take.


  1. Who gives a fuck what the zombies think. They’ll b supportin Killie or Hearts or some other shit team soon enuf wen ther team dies AGAIN HH ???

  2. Typical Cretinous Dog Turd,Sevco cant even muster Giving Celtic a Decent game.They complain that our players celebrate in front of the Bile Hoardes,Goading Them.ffs Its a sad day when you cant celebrate Beating the Dead…The only satisfaction a Sevconian can achieve is watching Another Club beat,Celtic.Coz Real Sevcolona will Never Ever Beat Us….They Are the Most Despised Club ever since The Club before Them Liquidated and Perished in that Big Bad Burnie HMRC Fire….So We Enjoy There Hurt,We Thrive On There Pain.And When They Die,Again!!!!We Will Party like its (#&>=+**%#)GGAW YNWA HH…They cant even Afford a Manager…

  3. I tell you what’s even more irksome .. some Celtic fans calling for Brendan Rodgers head last night .. I saw a few posts but they were swiftly slapped down by proper supporters who were then called Celtic da’s .. I wish they remembered the 80s and 90s when we were in a state .. we are blessed with a great team from top to bottom but these idiots need to understand .. while we might have money to spend . The Scottish league isn’t one of the most attractive propositions for good established players .. and why go down the rangers route of buying players at the end of their careers looking for a payday ? Our model is working .. its it’s just more money is in other leagues .. even some Bayern players were disgruntled during the summer at their lack of spending .. the rich teams are going to get all the decent players .. we have a team of great prospects .. accomplished older players and half decent fringe players . At this point.. and for the considerable future we simply cannot compete in the champion’s league .. but getting there finishing third and having a run in the Europa will be fine

  4. Gaun Chris Sutton,he may not have been born a Celtic FC fan,nor was he born in the Dear Green Place,but by fuq he has made up for it BIG TIME,he never misses a beat and he’s always on the ball to remind the zombies of their rightful place,under his thumb.His wit is acerbic,so much so it wouldn’t be outta place in ANY east end pub.Big Man you may have hung your boots,but your playing a BLINDER.HH?Lang May Yir Lumm Reek.ZOMBIEKILLER extraordinaire.

  5. To be fair though, Celtic don’t have a chance against a side like PSG because they have much more money in the bank. It’s the same thing for Sevco, they don’t have a chance against a team like Hamilton with much more money in the bank.

  6. lololol Gaun Yerslf,Chris Sutton putting that parasite well n truly back in his box.I recall All the Goading our fans endured in there corrupt triumphs of wins from there Dodgy past…..Never Ever Let Them Forget!!!!!YNRA HfH


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