CHRIS SUTTON used his BBC radio show to give the English football fans an insight into Steven Gerrard’s tenure at Celtic’s Glasgow rivals.

The BT pundit didn’t mince his words as he told listeners and his fellow pundits, Neil Lennon would be sacked if he had Gerrard’s trophyless seasons.

Sutton also made a lot of the Dubai trip which Rangers came back from in January. They never looked the same team.

“There’s a perception down south that Steven Gerrard has done a good job at Rangers.

“As far as I’m concerned, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Now’s the time to prove himself. He hasn’t won anything in the last two seasons.

“Neil Lennon is on record as saying if he was Celtic manager and hadn’t won anything for two seasons, he wouldn’t have kept his job.

“I’ve read comments this week he wants to bring more players in… he’s signed nearly 30 players!

“He’s been backed. The big question over the last couple of seasons has been do Rangers keep finding money for him to bring players in?

“So he can’t complain about that, he’s had long enough now.

“The issue for Rangers over the last couple of seasons has been quite simple. It’s not been the start of the season, it’s been after the New Year, they’ve just fallen away.

“I didn’t see it happening last season. They were dominant at Celtic Park. Whatever happened in Dubai, who knows?

“They came back a totally different team and fell away unbelievably. Their form was poor, Morelos looked heavy and didn’t look quite at it.

“That was their issue. They’ve only got themselves to blame. They were in a brilliant, brilliant position.

“They just haven’t been consistent enough and that’s the question again this season.

“Can they show the consistency over the whole season and they haven’t done that.

“That’s why you have to make Celtic favourites. Having said that, I still think Celtic have to do one or two pieces of business in the transfer market.”

It’s hard to argue with any of that if we’re honest.

Celtic still do need reinforcements too, but we do have a solid base and a winning mentality.



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