CHRIS SUTTON has used his social media account to have a cheeky dig st Graeme Souness after all these years.

The former Celtic striker shared a post with his followers showing the highlights of Celtic’s win over Blackburn in the UEFA Cup back in 2002.

It would be the year Celtic would make the final and the bhoys knocked some very good teams out of the competition.

When they came up against former Ibrox manager Graeme Souness he was not happy at all when his Blackburn side lost at Celtic Park in the first leg, describing the game as men against boys and vowed to take Celtic apart in the return leg.

Here’s what happened next.

Celtic went through 3-0 on aggregate and 2-0 on the night at Ewood Park.

Sutton and Larsson didn’t take kindly to Souness’ words and Henrik even mentioned the men against boys comment in his post-match interview.

The bhoys would also go on to knock Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool our of Europe also.


  1. He infamously used the very same quote “men against boys” on the eve of Arsenal’s famous title win at Anfield in 1989 when they had to go there and win by 2 clear goals in the final game, seems he overestimated Liverpool in the same way he overestimated Blackburn and showed his usual disrespect


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