Chris Sutton is not impressed by the latest quotes coming from the other side of Glasgow and for good reason.

The English pundit has been a part of Scottish football in some form since the early 2000s and knows what it takes to succeed in Glasgow’s fish bowl.

In the years proceeding his retirement, the former Celtic striker has covered our game as a pundit and regularly talks it up south of the border.

However, Sutton doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and like the rest of us, we’re bored of players coming to Scotland and telling us what they’re going to do.

We have seen this type of article for the past five years and all you have to do is replace the person telling us they’re going to stop Celtic.

This one is a repeat though, it was the same striker who when he first came up to Glasgow proclaimed he was going to bring the trophy home.


  1. Sevco don’t have the finance package to compete for the one. Nobody in the Spfl (even together) have finances to compete (Aberdeen, Dundee United each for their 3). But together as 11 each winning, they could do it. If Celtic don’t invest wisely. Its all on theirself’s now. So do it for the 10.they deserve something for all their suffering.


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