Chris Sutton isn’t going to make any pals in Leicester any time soon. The Englishman has continually took shots at the club since Brendan Rodgers decided to jump ship in February.

The former Celtic striker has always maintained the Irishman downgraded when he left Celtic for the English club and he was ramming that point home this morning on BT Sports.

Sutton mentions Rodgers downgrade once again then touts the former Celtic manager to upgrade from Leicester to join Arsenal.

Sutton will always fight Celtic’s corner during the BT show but he has a better perspective because he covers the Scottish and English League extensively.

He knows what Rodgers is like and famously sat down with an interview with Brendan and asked him if an EPL club came in for him, would he go. Brendan at the time didn’t answer the question head on, much like he didn’t in his Leicester presser when Arsenal talk came up.


  1. Atleast Big Sutty isn’t talking out his Arse like most of the Other Delusional Pundits.There is no comparison between Celtic and Leceister.Its all about Rodgers and his Bank Balance.Never Ever a True Bhoy at Heart.If he was he would’ve Atleast seen the season out But………And above and beyond Trying to Take our best player or players?Rodgers is a Judas


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