CHRIS SUTTON has provoked an emotional response from some Celtic fans after his commentary and social media posts as Celtic fell to a rather dismal 2-0 away day loss.

The commentator seemed to be compounding the Celts night by hammering the team throughout the second half and doing his best to get a few good sound bites in.

After the game, Sutton declared the bar has been lowered if that kind of performance is acceptable from Celtic.

There were no excuses for Celtic last night, defensive lapses saw them shrink as soon as the first goal went in and they never really recovered.

The game ended 2-0 with Celtic on the back foot most of the second half and Leipzig happy with their two-goal cushion.

Does Sutton have a point? We used to go into these games with some sort of hope, now many believe it’s a foregone conclusion and with good reason.

When Celtic used to lose away in Europe under O’Neill and then Strachan there was a lot of glorious failures going on. Celtic digging in but ultimately coming away with nothing. Now, it’s poor performance after poor performance.


  1. Look most of the team has never played together before i do think we can beat them at home in fact we fear no one at home,young players in a big away game is always going be hard task to get anything from it but we can turn this around at home,i would like to see three seasoned pros brought in for these games,i do think that SG is thinking he can turn his away game around lol then think again they will not but you never hear the media getting in to them but there bubble is ready to burst and the return game will prove that,

    So lay off Celtic has beens and media and watch SG and his team get turned over and bring them back to earth with a bang…

  2. Sutton’s has fast been becoming another smsm goon,he has now in my opinion had his palm well and truely
    crossed with the smsn’s silver.He used to have our backs but now seems too willing to compound our misery with negative articles.The support knows where our frailties lie,namely in defence,central defence the obviousstandout area,last nights two goals would have been avoided,had we strenghtned with the signing of at least one but more likely two experienced,defenders,to marshall our mistake ridden central area.The support know to a man where we faall short,we also realise that we also have been wefully unlucky with injuries to first team star players,so some of Suttons comments have been over critical.Big Hartson is the only non Scot amongst the regular on screen pundits,who still has the clubs back,while still being critical.when it’s warrented,not just for the sake of headline grabbing news for the smsm paymasters.HH

  3. Sutton has it exactly right. You have to wonder if these players actually train together – any time they are given an opportunity in the first 11 they manage to fail by doing basic things badly! How many times can we not manage a 10 yard pass, how often do we make a sideways or back pass to a player who has no options available to him and so is pressured into panic stations. For me the players last night were set up badly anyway – Nitcham and McGregor should both have been in attacking midfield positions to drive the game forward….the other 2 midfielders were not capable of doing this and because we lost the midfield we continuously put our defence under increased pressure. We have wasted a lot of cash on journeymen Scottish league players (presumably to prevent the other lot getting them) and the truth is they are just not good enough. Very disappointed that we don’t bring more of our development squad players all the way through – they can’t be as ineffective as some of the players we have signed and just maybe they would show a bit of passion.


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