CHRIS SUTTON has given his devastating verdict on today’s Glasgow Derby and the former striker believes the Ibrox boss should have been more gracious in defeat.

The BT pundit laughed off suggestions that the referee had anything to do with The Rangers getting beat today and believed Steven Gerrard could have shown a bit of class in defeat.

Instead the Scouse indulged in the sort of stuff we’ve seen three previous Ibrox managers utilise to try and deflect from their failings.

The most devastating stat Chris had at his disposal was, after all the bluster, all the hype, all the nonsense we greet every season this is now the worst start to an SPFL season for any Ibrox club in 29 years.

If Steven Gerrard bought into the hype then he has come crashing back down to earth tonight.

That was an inept performance from a side who came to try and nick a draw.


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