CHRIS SUTTON has used his column at the Daily Record to tear into Kyle Lafferty’s wild boast that Celtic will fall to the Ibrox club this season.

Lafferty is on record as saying everyone in their dressing room is confident of winning the title and that it’s only a matter of time.

However, Chris Sutton expanded on his previous tweet where he wrote ‘Here we go again’ in relation to the ‘promise’ Lafferty has delivered to the Ibrox fans – when are you going to learn?!

Chris absolutely tore into the striker’s comments and said we’ve been here before and how has that worked out?

“A couple of years ago it was the Going for 55 banners and Joey Barton making all kinds of promises he couldn’t keep.

“Last year it was the cheering in the dressing room after the Ibrox club drew Celtic in the cup.

“How did that turn out again? Barton was long gone by the time Mark Warburton’s side finished a million miles behind Celtic.

“There’s nothing wrong with having belief, or even quiet confidence in the dressing room, but coming away with these comments in public only leave you wide open again.

“The fact that it’s him coming out with this stuff is even more laughable given his performance in the Old Firm game last week”

Sutton listing some of the things the Gers players have done over the past few years when they were feeling bold.

The biggest backfire has to be when they cheered drawing Celtic and the manager coming out saying they roared at the prospect of playing a team they simply hadn’t matched up with at any point.

The former Celtic striker proclaimed ‘Cheers turned to tears’ in the end when Celtic skelped four past them on the way to a double treble.



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